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Moving and Grooving!

With summer around the corner, our clients are excited to get into their new spaces! Every weekend in June has been booked with moves. Some that were delayed and others prepping with social distancing in mind. With directional signs and fresh coats of paint, Kane is excited for our clients to get into their new spaces.

Lunch Meeting: Table For Two!

First dine-in experience since March 2020!  The food tasted so good!  The waiter and host were wearing masks and we needed to wear masks until seated.  Social distancing in full affect.  A little bit of normalcy! 

First Business Trip Since the Pandemic: City of Angels to The Big Apple

A week ago, Barbara traveled across the country for a quick move in NYC for a long time client. She described a very different LAX: empty, calm, no lines, smiling eyes, fashion statements with masks worn by all, social distancing, shining and smelling clean but eerie quiet. Then arriving to NYC, Times Square, one word came to Barb’s mind, “creepy quiet” Barb witnessed a strange New York City, empty streets, no cabs, most things closed, and food delivery only until 8pm! Wow. We’re glad Barb is back home with us and we have been back to business since her return. Stay safe everyone.

Covid-19: What we are seeing out in the field

With masks on, keeping a 6 foot distance, Barb and Renata went to see a client for a fast approaching move. Seeing safety measures first hand showed how buildings are practicing social distancing and precautions taken to keep everyone safe. Very interesting and insightful! Give us a call for a work place assessment for your employees returning to work: phasing, maintaining social distancing, sanitizing etc. We’re here to help!

Sub-Lease in Redondo Beach!

Check out this aggressively priced office or therapy use office space in the beach city of Redondo Beach. This cozy office is currently being used as a children’s therapy clinic that offers group work and individual children’s sessions. Our client feels the space is too big and would like to sublease the whole space or share the space. See flyer for details and call Barbara Kane at 310-371-0660 if interested!


Barb at it again! Volunteers are worth their weight in gold!

Over the weekend, Barbara volunteered at a COVID-19 testing site in West Los Angeles. CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) is working with the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office and the Los Angeles Fire Department to provide free drive-through COVID-19 testing.  These critical test sites are helping to track the spread of this outbreak, flatten the curve, and save lives. Because of these volunteers, tens of thousands of people were able to be tested in the last month! None of this would be possible without the help of dedicated volunteers. Thank you, Barb!

Kane Consulting & CRE donates time and money for COVID 19

Kane Consulting believes in giving to those in need in difficult times.  This last week we donated to “Feeding America”!  On Saturday, April 25, Barbara Kane donated time with (an organization that helps different countries in times of disasters) at Lincoln Park for training on how to assist the COVID 19 drive thru testing sites in the Los Angeles area.  The training was about 2 hours of time with about 25 volunteers (all social distancing) being conducted by a doctor and 2 key CORE administrators.  There are 3 “stations” at a drive up testing site.  We were trained on all 3 stations and given a script to learn and practice with each other.  Full PPE gear is provided by  Next up is awaiting the paper work to fill out for and then being assigned a testing site to volunteer at.  Kane will volunteer 1 day a week for an 8 hour shift.

Kane Partners Checking In!

A simple hello has gone a long way with us during this isolation. With a second team Zoom call under our belt, we were asked to share something positive from our week. Check out our answers – from painting to planning an epic fishing trip. We all agreed it’s always great having something to look forward to. Sharing positivity and simply checking in has been refreshing.

Kennedy Jenks – Whitefish, Montana moves on Schedule!

The Kane team spent months of planning this relocation in lovely mountain town – Whitefish for 3/30-3/31– we then made a logical decision to not physically go there and manage the move and to manage the move remotely.  While physically being there makes most moves go smoothly – we were able to check in virtually and solve a few “bumps” while still having our trusted vendors get the move done.  Special thanks go out to staff in Whitefish of our client to manage the move and our dedicated vendors in Whitefish, J2 Business Solutions and Mesa Moving.  Also helping were a local handyman and IT contractor!  Despite COVID 19 we got our client moved and helped them avoid paying rent in 2 locations on April 1.  No April fool here!

LightWerks Moves Up Relocation Date due to COVID-19

At Kane, we love to plan plan plan! Given our Nation’s current uncertain environment, Kane’s client, LightWerks, was due to move on March 31, 2020.  However, as COVID 19 increased in stricter government stay at home guidelines and more Californians being at greater risk, LightWerks requested we possibly reschedule the move to sooner, 3/24 and we did!  Due to willing movers, copy vendor, building access we got it all done – rescheduled in less than 3 days!  This enabled Lightwerks could get out of their building in El Segundo and move into their new Carson office.  #quickaction#willlingmovepartners. A big shout out and thanks to WeWork, Crown Moving and Royal Office (Ricoh) – for jumping through hoops to get this done!  And to all the Lightwerks staffed who jumped up to help and physically get the move completed!