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Another Happy Business Customer!

This past Friday, Kane assisted in completing a lab set up. Our client expressed urgency and explained the goal is to have monitors and docks deployed as quickly as possible. We worked with our amazing IT Team, dedicated movers, and Kane’s determined move assistant, Barney. Glad to hear our client’s feedback, “Thank you again all.  Everything went very smoothly on Friday.” – Tom

New Services Available for COVID-19

We have been helping companies with the services below during these “new times.” Please give us a call if we can assist you or if you have any questions about any of these services at 310-371-0660.



Trip to Seattle: Client Relocates from Large Office to Executive Suite

Barbara traveled to Seattle to help a tenant move out on time by lease expiration. They are down sizing from 6000 sq ft to one executive suite! Huge office rent savings in time of COVID! Contact Barb if you want to reduce your office foot print and save on monthly lease costs or if you just need help managing an office move out! Moving is an essential service in most states. We will travel as needed and allowed per State. #Officemoving #commercialrealestate #leasing

Successful Move for The Refinery

Thank you to Refinery staff, Mover Services and Barney from Kane team! Our client, The Refinery, is grateful for Kane’s help, assistance, and professional, friendly manner. We love the following feedback and are always happy when our clients happy, “THANK YOU so much for working along side us as we learn this process :)”. In addition, they were impressed with our move team, MSI, “I am picking my chin off the ground… WOW   again – Thanks for being a great partner in all of this MOVE!” Another satisfied client.

Move is able to start early in the day due to COVID minimizing tenants in buildings.

We had an unexpected time change to a big move happening this week. The move was originally planned with a 5pm start each evening. The awesome Barb was able to get both landlords, due to Covid kicking in again, change the time to a Noon start – which means the move will end each night early evening instead of late into the night! Yahoo!  Our client, The Refinery, loves it! Great news for all.

Another Successful Move Right in Time for The Holiday Weekend: Positive Feedback is Always a Plus!

With many details, multiple vendors, and months of planning, we are so grateful for these kind words. “Thank you much to you and Renata! Nice working for you on this project! Very professional!” This feedback from property management is why we love doing what we do. As we close this project and prep for another fast approaching one, taking a quick breath and truly appreciating the work done is great for reflecting on the hard work by all and refueling for what’s next! 

Moving and Grooving!

With summer around the corner, our clients are excited to get into their new spaces! Every weekend in June has been booked with moves. Some that were delayed and others prepping with social distancing in mind. With directional signs and fresh coats of paint, Kane is excited for our clients to get into their new spaces.

Lunch Meeting: Table For Two!

First dine-in experience since March 2020!  The food tasted so good!  The waiter and host were wearing masks and we needed to wear masks until seated.  Social distancing in full affect.  A little bit of normalcy! 

First Business Trip Since the Pandemic: City of Angels to The Big Apple

A week ago, Barbara traveled across the country for a quick move in NYC for a long time client. She described a very different LAX: empty, calm, no lines, smiling eyes, fashion statements with masks worn by all, social distancing, shining and smelling clean but eerie quiet. Then arriving to NYC, Times Square, one word came to Barb’s mind, “creepy quiet” Barb witnessed a strange New York City, empty streets, no cabs, most things closed, and food delivery only until 8pm! Wow. We’re glad Barb is back home with us and we have been back to business since her return. Stay safe everyone.

Covid-19: What we are seeing out in the field

With masks on, keeping a 6 foot distance, Barb and Renata went to see a client for a fast approaching move. Seeing safety measures first hand showed how buildings are practicing social distancing and precautions taken to keep everyone safe. Very interesting and insightful! Give us a call for a work place assessment for your employees returning to work: phasing, maintaining social distancing, sanitizing etc. We’re here to help!